Ervaringen: Kinderen vertellen wat ze vinden van de engelse lessen

Femke: It is fun because I learn by playing. I like the workbook. After one year I know the coulors, fruits, food and drinks. With special days like haloween or christmas we learn words that are important for these days. Wilma is very nice and kind. Regards, Femke.

Jens: Hello, my name is Jens and I am ten years old. I like to do English with Wilma because later it will be easier to learn if I already know some words. I can also talk a few words. I like the lessons because we do a lot of games. Sometimes I like homework. Greetings Jens

Matthew: I like it to be here. We always learn in a funny way. Where are we going? Up stairs! It's always funny here. Matthew

Tea: Every time I come here I learn many things. We work in the pupil's book. I like to come here, it's fun every time! We also get candy and juice. We sometimes get prizes, we get them when we win a game. Tea

Willem: I am very happy with the English lessons. I like the lessons very much and Wilma is very nice. Willem

Evelien: I am Evelien and I'm sitting at Wilma under English lesson. It's fun, informative and I learn of things. If you like to learn English maybe Wilma has a picture.